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Who: Anyone 14 or older, see the Race Rules below for more details.


What: Adams County Amazing Race Challenge! Challenges could include agility, balance, coordination, strength, intelligence, problem solving, fine motor skills, etc. 


When: June 17th, 2023 from 8:30am to approximately 3:00pm.

Registration Deadline: June 4th, 2023 by midnight 

Where: Starting at Adams County 4H Grounds  -

160 W Washington St, Monroe, IN 46772. Challenges will take you all over Adams County.

Why: To help raise money for three local non-profit organizations while enjoying time with friends and/or family. The Adams County Cancer Coalition,  Adams Wells Crisis Center, and Youth for Christ appreciate your support and hope to see you competing on June 17th! 

Friends at Outdoor Event


- Prizes: Top 3 teams guaranteed cash/prizes – Other prizes will be awarded (1st $1000 Cash/Prizes, 2nd $750 cash/prizes, 3rd $500 cash/prizes)

- 4 person teams – all team members must be 14+, if there is a person under 18 the parent/guardian must sign a waiver, there must also be a team member 18+ on the team. A 5th person can be added as a DRIVER ONLY for teams with ages 14-17. 

- All participants MUST sign a waiver.

- All teams must raise $250 – this does not have to be submitted upon registration, but must be turned in prior to the start of the race.  $75 registration fee is due at the time of sign-up and will count towards the $250 team total.


- All Teams must be signed up by June 4th, 2023 at midnight.


- Each team must bring a minimum of 4 new children's books that will be donated to Kate's Kart Inc


- Each team raising $750+ will be rewarded 10% of the amount raised as a credit towards the following years race.  Example: $1000 raised = $100 credit for 2023 challenge.  Team name must remain the same and you can substitute out 2 players.


- Top fundraising team = “Head Start” at the beginning of the race.


- Top 3 fundraising teams will receive a “Fast Forward” that can be used once during the race, this can be utilized at certain marked challenges during the race.


- All members of a team must participate in all 4 person stations.  If there are 2 person challenges these must be rotated within your team so that all 4 people are competing equally and there are not 1 or 2 people completing 1 or 2 person challenges.  (card will be handed out with further explanation)


- All teams must wear race T-shirt


- All teams MUST obey all traffic laws – if a team is stopped by law enforcement for a traffic violation the team will receive a 45-minute penalty.  Seatbelts MUST be worn during the race. 


- All drivers for a team MUST be have a valid license, be 18 or older and have valid insurance on the vehicle.  The driver’s license and insurance must be provided at check in the day of the race. Only one driver per team.  Only the 4 team members may be in the team vehicle. (No extra people to watch) 5th person can be in vehicle as Driver Only if  all racers are 14-17 years of age. 


- *All challenges must be done in the order the team is given.  Any team who does not go in order will be disqualified.  In the event a route needs changed the team will be notified by a race official.


- All challenges will be decided by challenge judges – all judge’s decisions are final.  All teams must obey the instructions and complete the challenge.  Judges will be instructed to keep the competition fair and to make the race run as smoothly as possible. 


- This is a rain or shine event.  However, if there is lightening in the area, the race or a portion of the race may be delayed.  The determination will be made the day of the race by event staff. No team fees will be returned.


- Absolutely no alcohol/drugs are to be consumed during the race, this is a cause for disqualification.

- We will send out important team information prior to the race, please make sure that you give us an email that someone uses and checks frequently. Please also download the Remind App for important information and race day communication. 


- We want this to be a family friendly fun event.  Please practice good sportsmanship even though you are in a competitive environment.  Please drive cautiously and keep you, your passengers and other people on the roadway safe. Profanity during challenges could result in penalties. 

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